Anonymous asked: May i ask what brush you used for the Eggsclusive stickers? I love how it has a pencil texture to it ^^ Thank you for answering in advance and have a very good day!

Hello there…!!!!! I downloaded it from a free pencil brush pack!

It’s called stencil & here are the settings:image

I’ll try to see if I can find where I got it. 

Hope this was helpful!!! Have a fantastic day yahoo!!

arkrevner asked: your art is so adorable I'm crying a little.


Store Update:

All bookmark preorders will be shipped next week!

After that the bookmarks will be up for normal sale w/o the sticker sheet bonus!

Thanks a bunch!!!! Have a wonderful day, pals!!

Anonymous asked: Hello! First off your bookmarks are absolute adorable and I'm in love with them! On Storenvy the shipping adds up to $7 for the bookmark alone and I only live in Canada, that's kind of pricey? Is there anything you can about it? If not, don't worry about! Anyways thanks a bunch. :)

Thank you so much..!!!!!

Oh no! Really, aah I didn’t think it would add up so much! I was taking into consideration the PayPal fees but the additional bookmark prices must be pricey!

I’ll reduce the bookmark prices right now! Thank you for notifying me!

Edit: shipping prices internationally have been adjusted!